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International Business: How to Achieve Global Markets?

Open your mind to customize and adapt, it will make the difference.

It's not news to anyone that we live in a globalized world, wherein international communication is, more and more, a constant topic in our normal. But, in order to be present in the international market, it's necessary to walk a long and complex path, that requires courage and persistence.

For each new projected goal, it's necessary to reinvent processes, practices and methods. In order to reach the global market, it's possible to base from these same principles, but with a bit more courage. Courage to dive into the unknown, and in a short period, know it like an expert.

Courage to face a different culture, and try to be as close as possible to it, respecting and understanding what seems to be incomprehensible. At Globus, we have developed a funnel for this first step to achieve a new market, as you can see below.


The above funnel translates our main steps in order to identify a new potential market. When you think "how to achieve an international market?" you cannot think that this opportunity will just appear in front of you. It requires deep research, time and dedication. You have to understand the market and find your lead, and do not think that this lead will find you first. Open your mind to customize and adapt, it will make the difference.

The biggest challenge to explore a global market is to accept a "no" as an answer, and consequently, give a step forward from your pre-established comfort zone. It's not possible to find a recipe in order to learn exactly how to export, but we are able to be persistent in introducing to the world, thousand times, that your product/service has international value. Stay firm - this is a constant challenge, however, the only action that raises a local company to the international level. 

The companies are divided into those that see your product/service as a local consumption, and those that understand that the world is only one, with different niches. It's necessary to emphasize the customization needs of the same product for different markets. Innovate, stay innovating, it's a daily matter of the exporting companies, which have to be ahead of the global market needs. 

I am proud to say that Globus Electronics is a global company, which exports to 5 continents and does it as its major expertise. Globus is always looking into the global market, adapting its products according to each particular need.

I am part of the international department at Globus and, thinking in our daily activities, it's not that easy not being close to our customer, but it's so gratifying when you have a chance to make a deal with someone else miles away from you, and see this process working so well. 

We are part of a transformation process of the world, where companies are more and more thinking globally. Globus started this process many years ago, when the communication between different regions was not easy and quick.

Nowadays, Globus is daily increasing its international sales, collaborating for a world with more cultural respect, based in people and human relationships, through technological solutions. 

Mariana Ribeiro