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If you have do the chance on getting to know the many cultures out there always that inspire you to learn more about it, like different places, languages, foods, habits are just some of the key factors behind each culture construction, would you enjoy?

Simple hobbies can suddenly become something bigger than you expect and eventually drives you into your future. In my case, it was the passion on ?building connections?, reducing borders? and learning different cultures? that led me to my current cultures? that led me to my current position as an International Key Account for EMEA and APJ regions at Globus Electronics.

Having the chance on getting to know the many cultures out there always amazed me and inspired me to learn more about it. Different places, languages, foods, habits are just some of the key factors behind each culture construction. All those characteristics will support us when sending an email or visiting a Customer, for example.
The scenario I'd like to share with you here is the importance of knowing a culture to build a long-term relationship in the business area or at least not having the door shut at least not having the door shut in your face from the first time you're trying to convert that lead into a customer.  Can you imagine calling a person by the first name that you have never spoken to? Arriving late for a meeting - especially with an US or Germany citizen? Refusing a drink during a dinner with the Customer? Some cultures take that as a sign of disrespect. Or making that wrong gesture when meeting someone depending on the country you are in, hand symbols can have a completely twisted meaning.

It might seem too much needing to take some time out and get to know others culture deeper to avoid making those mistakes - but trust me, it will be worth it. Besides, for all those situations and many others there are ?margin for errors?, but to understand that you must understand each culture. Of course, I'm not asking you to be the MVP of the specialists on culture subject, but I'm pretty sure it will make an impact next time you are exchanging visit cards with someone from China. Sometimes you will learn a unique and singular way on the correct manners during lunch time in a specific district of India and that can be what you need to reduce that distance and get you to close that deal you were trying to on the last 2 years.

Last but not the least, there are 3 quick but important points to underline on international business. Different languages: it will definitely put you on completely different level. We know that the main language for making business with all the globalization it is English. However, that does not mean that learning another language is not necessary. Actually, speaking the native language of your Customer can allow you ?reducing the borders and creating a bridge in a way you will transmit more confidence. Time Zones: if you have customers located in different time zones, it's important that you have it in mind to align your clock for that meeting you've scheduled with South Africa, for example. If you agreed to send the quotation on first time in the morning on Wednesday don?t wait to send it on Wednesday if you are 6h behind on the clock.

Also, take care for not missing that flight if you are on the road for some days going from a country to another. Oh, and did I mention to consider Summer Time?? Holidays and vacations: be sure to not schedule meeting on holidays or running follow ups during customer's vacations. When we see that each country or region has its own habits and ways to make business, we start to understand the importance of why we should adapt our habits to approach a culture. Whether you like or not, that specific culture always deserves to be treated with respect. I'm not talking only about "étiquette" here. I'm talking about respecting diversity, religion, multi-culturalism, caring about the variety of groups that live in our World and promote equality.

t Globus Electronics commercial dept. I'm able to put into work and actions my passion and commitment to International relationships. Sharing common goals and principles, I can transmit Globus? transparency to customers in all five continents on over 40 countries we export to. Based on innovative technical solutions we maximize our efforts to promote more comfort to people. Always respecting the many existing cultures, cultivating strong partnerships, adapting each approach to make the communication with customer and partners easier on each region.

 Lucas Canibal
EMEA and APJ Account Manager at Globus Electronics