Globus is a company that develops, manufactures and trades for B2B market, electronic controllers, having 3 areas of operation: Automotive electronics, industrial automation and household automation. Its products meet several applications in HVAC, Cooling and Automation. Located in Porto Alegre city - RS and with office in Deerfield Beach, Florida, the company has clients in the five continents and more than 40 countries. It acts as OEM supplier (Original Equipment Manufacturer), developing and customizing electronic controllers and wireless technology according to specifications. It has a experienced team for researches and development that always looks for solutions that meet its customers’ interests. Prioritizing customers’ satisfaction, standardization and continuous improvement of products and processes, Globus is accredited according to ISO 9001 rules since 2000.


Make life easier through technological solutions, providing comfort, practicality and economy, with the commitment to protect the environment.


To provide electronic solutions by adding value to our customers products, services, and goods.


To become leader in technological solutions in all markets in which it operates (by 2021)


Develop, industrialize and provide technical support for electronic products for automotive application and automation systems, meeting the legal requirements, customer requirements and those of other concerned parties, according to the strategic direction of the organization;  Protect the environment, including pollution prevention, through the rational use of natural resources and the reduction of waste generation, taking into account technical and economic feasibility;  Promote Green Thinking through education of concerned parties;  Act ethically and transparently in all relationships;  Continuously improve the Quality Management System to increase satisfaction of concerned parties and environmental performance.